Keeping our fish healthy is a fundamental part of fish keeping and sometimes, regardless of how well we look after them, they get sick. 

We offer fish health consultation visits to diagnose and treat your sick fish. 
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Sam Gibbs is our resident fish health and welfare specialist with over 20 years experience. Here's a little bit about him ... 
"A passion for angling and an obsession with fish led me to pursue a career in the fish industry. After leaving school I went to Sparsholt College in Hampshire to study Aquaculture. This covered a broad range of sectors within the industry, such as fish science, aquatic ecology, fish farming, water quality, sport fishery management, fish health and welfare and aquatic ecosystems. I worked on various fish farms and sport fisheries before moving into the aquatic sector and working with Koi carp.

In 2005 I moved to the Netherlands for 17 years, where I set up my own business as a fish health and welfare consultant. I offered advice, diagnosis, and treatment to sport fisheries, fish farms, aquatic retailers, and private customers. Most of this work involved diagnosing and treating sick Koi carp. Over the years I have wrote articles for various magazines, contributed towards published books and given workshops and seminars in several countries. 

I like to think outside the box when it comes to fish health. For example, I don’t like to immediately jump to antibiotic treatments when I can help encourage the fish to trigger a good immune response and heal itself. I don’t mind tackling complicated procedures, such as tumour removal or fixing broken fins and jaws – the latter sometimes requires a bit of innovative treatment, but the results have been achieved with full recoveries documented.

As well as treating the problem I like to investigate the root cause. Taking it one step further by helping the customer understand what’s going on and working towards preventing it in the future."

Introducing New Fish
When introducing new fish into your pond, it's common to encounter issues. New fish can bring diseases and infections from external sources, affecting the health of your existing fish population.
Seasonal Impact
The season can also have an impact on your fish's health. During spring, the rise in temperatures creates favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria and parasites. If your fish's immune system is weakened, they become more susceptible to infections during this time.
Moreover, during spawning periods in spring and summer, fish can collide and sustain injuries. These injuries may not be immediately visible, but observing your fish's behavior can help you identify them.
It's recommended to monitor your fish for at least 30 minutes and watch out for the following symptoms:
  • Isolation from the rest of the group
  • Sitting with clamped fins
  • Scraping against the pond walls
  • Erratic swimming patterns
  • Excessive jumping
  • Small white spots resembling cotton wool fungus
  • Presence of mucus
If you notice any of these signs, it indicates that your fish require external assistance as these issues typically don't resolve on their own.
Diagnosis & Treatment
Some common diseases that you should be aware of in your pond fish and Koi carp include Saprolegnia, Fin Rot, Dropsy, Parasites, Fish louse, Skin fluke, Gill fluke, White spot, and KHV (a DNA-based virus requiring urgent veterinary treatment).
We offer visual inspections and physical examinations, including skin scrapes that are examined under a microscope to confirm parasite diagnosis. Our specialized team can recommend and administer effective treatments.