Oase Additional Pack Fountain Nozzle Set

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Looking to upgrade your pond's fountain display without having to replace your entire pump? Look no further than the Oase Additional Pack Fountain Nozzle Set! It includes two fountain nozzles, a telescopic extender pole, a ball joint, and a stepped hose tail, making it the perfect solution for enhancing the look of your pond.

Designed specifically for the Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Eco range 5500, 7500, and 9500, this replacement nozzle pack is a cost-effective way to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your pond. The telescopic extender pole allows for easy installation, and the ball joint and stepped hose tail provide precise control over the water flow, creating a stunning water feature.

With this Replacement Nozzle Pack, you'll be able to customize your pond's fountain display to fit your personal taste and style. It's a quick and easy way to transform your pond into a beautiful oasis. Invest in the Oase Additional Pack Fountain Nozzle Set today and take your pond to the next level.

This Kit Contains:

  • 2 x fountain nozzles
  • Telescopic Extender pole
  • Ball joint
  • Stepped hose tail

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