Case Study - Nature Pond Solihull

This is an example of a very popular type of pond that we have seen a huge increase in demand for over the last couple of years with the public doing everything they can to increase the wildlife into their gardens, the nature pond.

The scope of work is quite straight forward a nature pond where various types of plants and wildlife can thrive with no power consumption.

The customer contacted us with the above requirements and a site consultation was arranged, the site that the customer had chosen was already perfect not directly under any trees and positioned for the right amount of sunlight, all ponds require sunlight for the plants to flourish.

The size, stone and design of the pond was agreed all for a fairly small budget. The job was accepted booked in and completed within three days. The pond was excavated and lined with protective underlay then with a firestone Pondgard 1mm EPDM Liner, then the pond was dressed with yorkstone rockery and North sea cobbles. A Pontec Pondosolar Control Solar powered fountain pump was added onto a platform in the middle of the pond. 

The pond is a great addition to this garden and the customer has been delighted with frogs, newts and dragonfly frequenting the pond along with the birds bathing in the beach area.