Case Study - Bespoke Water Feature Using A Customer’s Galvanised Water Tank

A recent customer came to us, with the problem that their garden was lovely, however, all they could hear was constant noise from the busy road adjacent to their property. Determined to find a solution that would not only mitigate the noise but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of their garden, we started to think of options.

The customer required a solution that seamlessly blended with their garden's natural beauty while effectively reducing the noise pollution from the road. When the mention of an old galvanise water tank was mentioned, Perfect Ponds and Koi saw an opportunity.

We proposed transforming the galvanised water tank into a bespoke water feature that would serve as a focal point in the garden while also masking the road noise with the soothing sound of flowing water.

Once the design was finalised, the implementation phase began. The team worked meticulously, ensuring that every detail was perfect. The water tank was cleaned, reinforced, and fitted with a custom pump and filtration system to maintain crystal-clear water. The waterfall feature was crafted to provide a continuous, gentle flow of water.

The customer was overjoyed with the result. Their garden had not only become more beautiful but also a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They found themselves spending more time outdoors, enjoying the calming sounds and the natural beauty that surrounded them.