Case Study - Koi Pond Build Birmingham

Joe has been a customer of ours right from the beginning of him starting the hobby, his interest in having a pond came from going on holiday to a hotel that had koi swimming round in ponds in the lobby and he had to have one at his own house.

Joe’s first pond which we help build was on a pump fed system to a pressure filter which was soon upgraded to an evolution aqua bead filter once he realised he wanted to get more serious about the koi he was keeping. After collecting a few very nice Japanese koi it was time to upgrade the pond and move its location to create a pond suitable for growing jumbo Japanese Koi.

Joe provided the location and maximum dimensions that were available for the pond, we then worked on the design to achieve the maximum water volume and accommodate the filters that were required.

The pond was designed to be long to allow for the koi to be able to swim a good distance which is essential for keeping good body shape when they are being intensively grown, using a high protein quality diet and keeping the pond heated.

The construction of the pond is built up form a reinforced concrete base, with 7n Concrete blocks laid flat. The pond is insulated with PIR insulation then lined with fibreglass, the outside of the pond is finished in slate wall cladding and capped off with a granite stone coping. A feature wall has an Oase XL 90 blade water feature built in with the filter chamber located behind this with a decking lid and a gate for access.

The pond has two Bottom Drains which feed into a Drum Filter with built in Bio – Chamber. A built in wall skimmer leading to an Evolution Aqua K+Advanced filter. The filters are operated by 3 x Evolution aqua Varipump 10000’s with one running through a Poolex  Jetline Premium 95 Wifi Model Air source heat pump and returning through three returns at the one end of the pond.

The pond capacity is 5000 gallon the filter specification can handle a lot more water volume than this but when the purpose of the pond is to grow large koi is better to specify the filtration for the amount of food being fed to the fish.

As you can see from the photos and videos the fish are doing great and that means we have another happy customer.