Case Study - Large Water Feature Evesham

Completed November 2022

We were asked by one of our Landscaping Contractors to design and install the fountain system and lining for this project.

We met with the customer on site to discuss what their vision was, and it was to have a simple but elegant water feature with 3 fountain jets in the pond, after going through the dimensions of the pond I advised that three jets would not be sufficient for such a large pond and that five would be more suitable.

We also advised on the options of how it can be operated and went for the Oase InScenio Cloud system which meant that the feature is controlled via an app on your smartphone.

Finally, to achieve the look of reflecting the sky that the customer desired we advised on how to use water dye to achieve a clean mirror image all year around.

As this was a large project being included with the rest of the garden being landscaped, we came in at various stages throughout the build.

The first stage was to install the pipework under the pond, this was a manifold system to ensure even flow to the fountains. This was supplied form a manhole that contained the pump and isolation valves.

Once the groundwork and block work were complete, we did a final measure of the pond, and had the 1mm EDPM rubber liner manufactured into a box shape to exactly fit the construction.

This was then connected to the pipe work in a series of tank connectors for each of the fountains and a side inlet to supply the pump with water.

Once the finishing work had been completed it was then time to install the fountains. These had been designed so the angles and flow could be fine-tuned if required.

The pond was then cleaned and emptied, filled, and tested.


Once the initial testing and tuning had been complete the system was up and operational. We now do a monthly maintenance visit to clear the inlet and fountain heads of any debris and remove the pump to clean to keep it at its optimum performance.

The specification of the equipment used is listed below.

Oase InScenio FM Master EGC Cloud Control

Oase Aquarius Eco Expert 28000 Water Feature Pump

Schaumsprudler 35 - 10 E Fountain Nozzles

1mm Greenseal EPDM Box Weld Liner 17.87m x 3.0m x 0.54m

Gordon Low Heavy-Duty Underlay