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Do you want to keep your pond or lake healthy and thriving? Of course, you do! But did you know that water quality is essential for the health of your fish and plants?  The Oase Water Analysis Profi-Set is the perfect solution for ensuring that your pond or lake water is of the highest quality.

Elevate your pond or lake water quality management to professional levels with the Oase Water Analysis Profi-Set – the ultimate solution to maintaining an aquatic paradise. It allows you to accurately measure and monitor the most crucial water quality parameters, so you can identify and address any potential problems early on.

The Oase Profi-Set simplifies the process by offering drop solution tests for 8 essential water parameters, including pH, Hardness GH/CH, Ammonia/Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Phosphates. The set also includes an easy-to-use applicator, spoon, measuring beakers, and a pen. Plus, the phosphate test with a shelf-life solution is included, ensuring no aspect of your water quality is left unchecked.

Upgrade your water quality management game today with the Oase Water Analysis Profi-Set! Order now and witness the transformation of your aquatic haven!

Key features:

  • Tests for all of the most important pond and lake water parameters
  • Professional drop solution tests for accurate and reliable results
  • Includes a detailed instructional document for guidance
  • Supplied in a professional plastic carry case with a handle
  • Tests for pH, GH/CH, ammonia/ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphates
  • Phosphate test including shelf-life solution test also included in the kit
  • Includes applicator, spoon, measuring beakers, and pen
  • Color charts supplied for accurate results analysis
  • Set allows for multiple tests to be carried out for each water parameter
  • Refill packs available for replacing used tests

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