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Is your pond water temperature starting to drop? Worried about your fish getting enough to eat? If so, then Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks are the perfect solution for you! 

Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks are specially formulated floating food stick that is ideal for pond fish in low water temperatures. They are easy to digest thanks to the high premium wheatgerm content, and they provide a quick energy supply in autumn and spring.

What's more, these Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks provide a quick energy supply, precisely what your fish need during the transitioning seasons of autumn and spring.

Say goodbye to the worry of your fish not getting enough to eat when temperatures dip. With Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks, you're giving your aquatic friends the nourishment they need to thrive. 

So if you want to keep your pond fish healthy and happy all year round, be sure to feed them Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks! Order your bag today and see the difference it makes!

Key Features:

  • Rich in fiber, which helps to keep your fish's digestive system healthy
  • Floating food sticks for all pond fish
  • Ideal food for low water temperatures in autumn and spring
  • Easy to digest thanks to the high premium wheatgerm content
  • Quick energy supply in autumn and spring
  • Easy to eat and highly digestible for improved water quality
  • Ideal for all pond fish, including goldfish, koi, and orfes

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