Tetra Pond Flakes Fish Food

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Do you have a garden pond with small or young fish? If so, you know that it's important to feed them a nutritious diet that will help them grow and thrive. Dive into the ultimate feast for your small and young garden pond fish with Tetra Pond Flakes – the key to their health, growth, and vibrant colors!

Tetra Pond Flakes is a complete flake food mix that is ideal for all small and young fish in garden ponds. It provides all-round, balanced nutrition, and it's easy to digest, so your fish will get the most out of their food.

Tetra Pond Flakes is also a clear-water formula, so it won't cloud your pond water. And it's made with high-quality ingredients, so you can be sure that your fish are getting the best possible nutrition.

Tetra Pond Flakes contains four types of flakes, each with its own unique benefits:

  • Red flakes with vitamins and carotenoids prevent deficiencies and enhance color vibrancy.
  • Brown flakes with a high protein content support growth and vitality.
  • Yellow flakes provide the fish with healthy, vegetable nutrients.
  • White fibre flakes foster digestion

Key Features:

  • Supports growth and vitality
  • Enhances color vibrancy
  • Prevents deficiencies
  • Fosters digestion
  • Won't cloud pond water 

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