PDC Solvent Cement Glue 237ml

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Tired of leaky pipes and loose fittings? Do you want a strong and durable bond for your PVC pipes that will last for years to come? Say goodbye to frustrating leaks and unreliable connections. PDC Solvent Cement Glue is your answer to rock-solid, long-lasting bonds. Whether it's uPVC, ABS, muPVC, or cPVC systems, this adhesive is the key to your piping peace of mind.

PDC Solvent Cement Glue is a strong adhesive that is specifically designed for bonding PVC pipes and fittings. It works by dissolving the surface of the PVC, creating a chemical bond that is stronger than the PVC itself. This makes PDC Solvent Cement Glue the ideal choice for a variety of applications, including plumbing, drainage, and irrigation.

Our high-quality formula ensures that your pipes stay tightly connected, even under challenging conditions. No more worrying about cracks or leaks. Make PDC Solvent Cement Glue your go-to choice for a secure and leak-free piping system. Keep the flow steady and your worries at bay - order today for a watertight solution you can trust!

Key Features:

  • Strongest bond for thermoplastic piping systems
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Fast drying
  • Low VOC
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for use around fish and plants
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, including plumbing, drainage, and irrigation

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