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Have you ever needed to split the flow of water to a filter or waterfall, divert excess water, or adjust flow rates? Looking for a versatile solution to manage water flow, prevent excess water buildup, or fine-tune flow rates with ease? The Oase Y-DB Water Distributor is the perfect solution for you! 

The Oase Y-DB Water Distributor allows you to easily split the flow of water to two different locations. It is perfect for running a filter and a waterfall at the same time, or for splitting the flow to two different waterfalls. It can be used to divert excess water from your pond to a sump pump or another location. This is helpful for preventing flooding and for maintaining a healthy water level in your pond.

With its multi-stage hose connectors, the Y-DB can accommodate hose sizes from 19mm to 50mm for the inlet and 25mm to 38mm for the outlets. The two integral taps also allow you to individually adjust the flow rate of each outlet, giving you complete control over your pond's water flow.

The Oase Y-DB Water Distributor is the perfect choice for pond owners who need a versatile, durable, and affordable water distributor. With its multi-stage hose connectors, integral taps, and durable construction, the Y-DB is the perfect solution for a wide range of water flow needs. Order yours today and see how easy it is to solve your pond's water flow problems!

Key Features:

  • One inlet, two adjustable outlets
  • Multi-stage hose connectors accept hose sizes from 19mm-50mm
  • Integral taps allow for independent flow control
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use and install
  • Versatile for a variety of applications
  • Compact and lightweight

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