Oase SwimSkim 25 Pond Floating Skimmer

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Transform your pond into a serene oasis with the Oase SwimSkim 25 Pond Floating Skimmer! It allows you to effortlessly remove floating debris from the pond surface, ensuring that your pond remains clean and clear.

Equipped with three float chambers, the skimmer suspends the 2500 liter per hour pump at the water surface level, automatically adjusting to changes in water level. It also features an integrated injector that enriches the pond with oxygen and easy-to-clean basket removal. 

Designed for ponds up to 25m Sq, this SwimSkim 25 Pond Floating Skimmer is extremely easy to clean with basket removal and will automatically adapt to any water level from 40 cm water depth. With its powerful suction capabilities, the skimmer can effectively clean pond surfaces up to 25 m².

Upgrade your pond maintenance game with the Oase SwimSkim 25 Pond Floating Skimmer and enjoy a sparkling clean and healthy pond all year round.

Key Features:

  • Easy debris removal from pond surface
  • Three float chambers adjust to water level
  • Powerful 2500 liter per hour pump suction
  • Built-in oxygenator for aeration
  • Strainer collects large and fine debris
  • For ponds up to 25m Sq
  • 40w motors with 10m cable
  • Enriches pond with oxygen
  • Extremely strong suction
  • Adapts to water level from 40cm depth

Specifications SwimSkim 25:

  • Dimensions: Length 33cm x Width 30cm x Height  26cm
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 40
  • Cable length: 10 meters
  • Pump Flow rate: 2500 liters per hour
  • Aerator rate: 300 liters per hour
  • Suitable for pond surface area: 25 m² max.

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