Oase Quartz Glass D44 - 398 Rim Vitronic 36w

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Is your pond water looking cloudy or green? Is your UV clarifier not working as well as it used to? Have you been troubled by murky, algae-infested water? It's time to bid farewell to that problem with the Oase Quartz Glass D44 - 398 Rim - the essential spare part for your Vitronic 36W UV Clarifier. This high-quality quartz glass ensures that the UV light penetrates your water effectively, annihilating algae and impurities.

The Oase Quartz Glass D44 - 398 Rim is the perfect solution for keeping your pond water crystal clear. It protects your UV lamp from water and debris, ensuring that it can effectively kill algae and bacteria. It is also made of high-quality quartz glass, which is highly transparent and allows for maximum UV penetration.

Clean water is essential for healthy fish and plants. The Oase Quartz Glass D44 - 398 Rim helps to ensure that your fish and plants have the clean water they need to thrive. It allows your UV lamp to work at its best, effectively killing algae and bacteria and leaving your pond water crystal clear.

Don't let the beauty of your pond be marred by unsightly algae blooms. With the Oase Quartz Glass D44 - 398 Rim, you can ensure your pond water remains immaculately clear and your aquatic ecosystem thrives. Get your spare part today, and experience the joy of gazing into a pristine, thriving pond!

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear pond water
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Healthier fish and plants
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Protects your UV lamp from water and debris
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Made of high-quality quartz glass
  • Fits Oase Vitronic 36W UV clarifier
  • Essential for keeping your pond water clean and healthy
  • Recommended by pond experts

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