NT Labs Anti-Parasite & Fungus 250ml

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Do you have fish that are showing signs of illness?

Are they irritated, flicking, gasping at the surface, covered in thick opaque mucus, or have visible white spots on their bodies?

These are all signs of a parasitic infection, and if you don't treat it quickly, your fish could die. It's time to take action and put your worries to rest.

NT Labs Anti-Parasite & Fungus is a five-day course of treatment that is effective against a wide range of parasites and fungi, including white spots, Trichodina, Costia, and more. It is safe for fish, amphibians, birds, and other aquatic life, and it will not damage your pond's filter system.

NT Labs Anti-Parasite & Fungus works by attaching to the parasites and fungi, preventing them from reproducing and killing them. It is also effective at preventing new parasites and fungi from establishing themselves in your pond.

Watch your fish regain their health, vitality, and radiance as they bid farewell to parasitic woes. Your underwater world is just a few clicks away from tranquility and thriving aquatic life. Order your bottle of NT Labs Anti-Parasite & Fungus today and give your fish the best chance at a healthy and happy life!

Key Features:

  • Effective against a wide range of parasites and fungi
  • Safe for fish, amphibians, birds, and other aquatic life
  • Will not damage your pond's filter system
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable

How to use?

  • Shake bottle well. Mix the correct dose in a clean bucket of pond water, then pour evenly around the pond.
  • Switch off UV for 10 days from first dose.
  • Wait 10 days after final dose before repeating treatment or applying another treatment.
  • Allow plenty of time to observe the fish and take action in the unlikely event of a reaction.


  • Do not use when the water temperature is above 30°C.
  • Do not use in hot, humid, thundery weather.
  • Do not mix medications.

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