Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic System

Size: Gravity 320
Sale price£659.95


Spending countless hours manually cleaning your pond filter system? There is no need to look further than the Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic System! This innovative system takes the hassle out of maintaining your pond by automating the cleaning process for you.

Compatible with Nexus 220 and 320 filters manufactured after 2006, the Nexus Automatic System is incredibly easy to install and connect to your pond pump and mains power. Once connected, the system will carry out cleaning cycles at timed intervals or when prompted by the manual clean button.

The Nexus Automatic System is designed to make cleaning your pond filter system effortless. It automatically cleans at timed intervals or when manually prompted. The adjustable timer is pre-set to clean once every 3 days but can be changed to suit your pond's needs. During cleaning, the system turns off the pump, closes the inlet valve, diverts air to clean the EAZY media, drains waste, and finishes with a final flush.

Say goodbye to manual cleaning with the Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic System - the hassle-free way to maintain your pond's filtration system.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free cleaning for Nexus filters
  • Fully automated cleaning cycle
  • Compatible with Nexus 220 and 320
  • Includes control box, automated waste valve, air pump control box, and automatic inlet slide plate
  • Cleans at timed intervals or manually
  • Adjustable cleaning frequency
  • 10-minute cleaning cycle
  • EAZY media cleaned with air diversion
  • Easy installation and multiple cleaning cycles
  • Replaces manual valve turning and pump switching

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