Kusuri Potassium Permanganate 250g

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Tired of battling persistent pond issues like Trichodina, Costia, and other parasites?

Struggling to keep your pond clean and healthy?

Are parasites taking over, and is your water discolored?

Say goodbye to those troubles with Kusuri Potassium Permanganate, the ultimate solution for your aquatic oasis. It  is the perfect solution for all of your pond problems. It is a powerful disinfectant and parasite treatment that is safe for fish and other aquatic life.

Kusuri Potassium Permanganate is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes in pond care. It is an effective disinfectant, parasite treatment, and water clarifier.

As a disinfectant, Kusuri Potassium Permanganate can be used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in pond water. This can help to prevent the spread of disease and keep your fish healthy.

As a parasite treatment, Kusuri Potassium Permanganate is effective against a wide range of parasites, including Trichodina, Costia, and gill flukes. It can also be used to treat fungal infections, such as Saprolegnia.

As a water clarifier, Kusuri Potassium Permanganate can help to improve water quality by removing algae and other organic matter from the water. This can make the water look clearer and more inviting.

Don't let water discoloration or persistent parasites ruin your pond's beauty. Make the smart choice with Kusuri Potassium Permanganate, the go-to solution for a thriving aquatic environment. Order today and watch your pond transform into a crystal-clear haven for your beloved fish.

Key Features:

  • Potent disinfectant for ponds and nets
  • Eliminates trichodina and costia
  • Prolonged water clarity (up to 7 days)
  • Works in chilly temperatures (down to 10°c)
  • Oxygen safety tip: use an air stone
  • Boost oxygen levels with kusuri hydrogen peroxide 6%
  • Restores water clarity post-treatment
  • Easy-to-follow application

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