Kusuri Fluke-P

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Do you have a pond with fish that are constantly scratching against the sides? Are they losing weight or have a bloated belly? These could be signs of gill flukes, body flukes, or tapeworms. Kusuri Fluke-P is a safe and effective way to eradicate these parasites from your pond, without harming the beneficial bacteria or your fish.

Kusuri Fluke-P is a 5% Praziquantel-based liquid medication that is safe and effective for treating gill flukes, body flukes, and tapeworms in all types of fish. It is easy to use and can be added directly to your pond or tank water. Kusuri Fluke-P is also safe for use with plants and invertebrates.

Kusuri Fluke-P works by paralyzing and killing parasites on contact. This allows your fish's immune system to clear the infection. Kusuri Fluke-P is a highly effective medication and has been shown to be up to 99.9% effective in treating gill flukes, body flukes, and tapeworms.

Don't let your pond become a battleground for parasites, jeopardizing the health of your precious fish. Embrace the power of Kusuri Fluke-P and restore your pond's natural balance and the vitality of your aquatic companions. Say goodbye to Gill Flukes, Body Flukes, and Tapeworms and hello to a pristine, thriving pond you can take pride in. You'll enjoy a serene and harmonious aquatic environment like never before.

Key Features:

  • Safe and effective treatment for gill flukes, body flukes, and tapeworms
  • One-off treatment, but may require a second dose after 7 days in heavy infestation
  • Can be used at any temperature without destroying the beneficial bacteria in the filter
  • Continue to feed while dosing
  • 250ml treats 6,251 litres (1,375 gallons) of pond water
  • 500ml treats 12,502 litres (2,750 gallons) of pond water
  • 1 litre treats 25,003 litres (5,500 gallons) of pond water
  • Easy-to-use liquid medication
  • Fast-acting relief
  • No quarantine required
  • Affordable and effective

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