Kockney Koi Switch Box - TUV Approved

Size: 3 Channel
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Tired of constantly unplugging and replugging multiple appliances in your outdoor spaces? The Kockney Koi Switch Box is here to solve your problem! It is a state-of-the-art weatherproof switch box that is perfect for gardens, ponds, boats, and greenhouses. With an IP66 rating and CE approval, it ensures the safety of your appliances in any weather condition.

The Koi Switch Box comes in both three-way and four-way options, making it ideal for different outdoor setups. Each switch is individually fused, and the unit can handle a maximum current of up to 3,300 watts, making it perfect for heavy-duty appliances. The color-coded cable glands and switches make for simple installation, and each switch has its own illuminated indicator, letting you know which appliances are in use.

Designed and tested for people with color blindness, the Kockney Koi Switch Box ensures that everyone can differentiate between colors. The unique wall mounting bracket ensures that the unit stays securely in place and accepts cable sizes from 7mm to 12mm.

Invest in the Kockney Koi Switch Box today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your outdoor appliances are safe, secure, and easily accessible

Key Features:

  • IP66 & CE Approved
  • Weatherproof switch boxes for outdoor appliances
  • Designed for ease of use for people with color blindness
  • Three-way and four-way options available
  • Individual fuses for each switch
  • Maximum current handling of up to 3,300 watts
  • Illuminated switch indicators for each appliance
  • Cable gland blanking plugs to seal unused outlets
  • Accepts cable sizes from 7mm to 12mm
  • Unique wall mounting bracket included

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