Kockney Koi Filter Foam Replacement Set 4 For Mega Max Filter

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Is your pond water looking murky and full of algae? Worried about the health of your fish and plants? The Kockney Koi Filter Foams are the perfect solution for keeping your pond water clean and healthy. They can remove all types of debris from pond water, including leaves, sticks, algae, fish waste, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and dust!

This complete set of foams is designed to fit the Mega Max filter black box pond filter. It includes coarse foam, medium foam, fine foam, very fine foam, and white wadding. These foams work together to trap and remove dirt, debris, algae, and other harmful microorganisms from your pond water.

By using the Kockney Koi Filter Foams, you can ensure that your pond water is crystal clear and healthy for your fish and plants. You will also reduce the need for harsh chemicals and make your pond easier to maintain.

No more struggling with DIY foam cutting or hunting for compatible replacements. With our pre-cut foams, the Mega Max Filter fits like a glove, guaranteeing maximum filtration efficiency.

Experience the ease of maintaining a sparkling pond with the Kockney Koi Filter Foams. Say goodbye to cloudy water and embrace the simplicity of a clean, serene aquatic haven. Order now and rediscover the beauty of your pond today!

Key Features:

  • Complete set of four foams for the Kockney Koi Mega Max Filter
  • Includes coarse, medium, fine, and very fine foam
  • The white wadding polishing pad removes any remaining particles from the water
  • Traps all types of debris, including leaves, sticks, algae, fish waste, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and dust
  • Keeps pond water clean and healthy
  • Improves water clarity and quality
  • Extends the life of your pond filter
  • Easy to install and maintain

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