Kockney Koi D Fish Net 4ft Handle

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Struggling to catch your fish in your pond, worrying about hurting them in the process? Say hello to the Kockney Koi D Fish Net with a 4ft handle - your ultimate solution to making fish handling a breeze and keeping your aquatic companions safe and sound.

It used to be difficult to catch fish in your pond, but not anymore! With its distinctive D-shaped net head, which measures a roomy 50 cm by 36 cm, you can gently and effectively scoop up your fish without hurting them.

The Kockney Koi D Fish Net is also equipped with a long, 4ft handle, which gives you plenty of reach when catching fish in deeper ponds. The handle is also made from a comfortable and non-slip material, so you can grip it tightly even when your hands are wet.

The gentle and spacious net head ensures that your fish are cradled with care during handling. The 4ft handle offers the perfect length for easy access. Now, you can effortlessly retrieve your fish from any spot in the pond.

Upgrade your fish-handling game with the Kockney Koi D Fish Net and make fish-catching a hassle-free experience. Get yours today and enjoy a safer and more efficient way to manage your aquatic companions.

Key Features:

  • Large D-shaped net head (50cm x 36cm) for catching fish of all sizes
  • Long 4ft handle for plenty of reach
  • Durable mesh that is gentle on fish
  • Durable aluminum alloy handle
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for catching fish in ponds, lakes, and rivers
  • Great for both beginners and experienced fishers
  • Used by professional fishers and pond keepers 

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