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Title: Hozelock Air Pump 320
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Looking for a solution to improve the health of your fishpond? Say goodbye to oxygen depletion and freezing issues with our Hozelock Air Pump! It's important to add oxygen to your pond, especially if it has a lot of fish and in the summer when oxygen levels drop. This powerful pump is designed to meet those needs and more.

Concerned about oxygen levels dropping and fish health suffering? Our Hozelock Air Pump is the answer. It efficiently adds oxygen to your pond, ensuring the well-being of your fish. Additionally, during winter, it helps prevent freezing by creating a strong water circulation.

With a pumping capacity of 1500 litres per hour and a maximum depth of 2 meters, this pump delivers exceptional performance. The package includes two 10-meter tubes, two medium air stones, two non-return valves, and a plastic manifold with fittings—everything you need for a comprehensive aeration setup.

Invest in the health of your pond ecosystem with our Hozelock Air Pump. Enjoy improved oxygenation, circulation, and the well-being of your fish. Experience the difference between a reliable and efficient air pump solution designed specifically for your pond's needs.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for densely stocked ponds & summer months
  • Increases oxygen levels for fish health
  • Prevents pond from freezing with water circulation
  • 1500 L/hr pumping capacity
  • Maximum 2m / 6'6" pumping depth
  • Includes 2 x 10m tubing for easy setup
  • Comes with 2 medium air stones for efficient oxygen diffusion
  • Equipped with 2 non-return valves to prevent water backflow
  • Durable plastic manifold & fittings
  • Easy to install & use for hassle-free operation

Hozelock Air Pump 320 Specifications:

  • Maximum Output (I/h): 320Iph
  • Maximum Recommended Depth of Air Stone: 1.2m
  • Output at m Depth: 230Iph
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.014MPa
  • Number of Air Outlets: 2
  • Length of Air Tube: 1x10m
  • Diameter of Air Tube: 4mm
  • Pump Rating: 4w
  • Cable Length: 3m

Hozelock Air Pump 640 Specifications:

  • Maximum Output (I/h): 640 Iph
  • Maximum Recommended Depth of Air Stone: 1.2m
  • Output at m Depth: 450Iph
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.014MPa
  • Number of Air Outlets: 4
  • Length of Air Tube: 1x10m
  • Diameter of Air Tube: 4mm
  • Pump Rating: 8w
  • Cable Length: 3m

Hozelock Air Pump 1500 Specifications:

  • Maximum Output (I/h): 1500 Iph
  • Maximum Recommended Depth of Air Stone: 2m
  • Output at m Depth: 900 Iph
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.026MPa
  • Number of Air Outlets: 6
  • Length of Air Tube: 2x10m
  • Diameter of Air Tube: 4mm
  • Pump Rating: 17w
  • Cable Length: 10m

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