Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media

Size: 25 Litre
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Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Media provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to colonise making it the number 1 choice for filter media for all types of aquarium. The 25 litre micro media has been developed by Evolution Aqua for hobbyists needing biological filtration of the highest level for quick and effective results.

Evolution Aqua's filtration K1 media has been enjoyed by thousands of customers every year, but it now introduces new benefits  compared to original K1 media, such as its conveniently small, compact size and an increased protected surface area per cubic meter, courtesy of its small wheel-shaped filter structure.

 K1 Micro Media from Evolution Aqua can also be used to replace existing filter media and is ideally suited to Koi filtration systems.

At a Glance;

Size: 25 litre

High quality biological filtration

Perfect condition for bacteria to colonise

Suitable for all types of aquarium

Suitable for koi filtration system

Convenient small size

Small wheel-shaped filter structure

Increased protected surface area per cubic meter

Can replace existing filter media quickly and easily

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