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Feeding your pond fish different foods to meet their individual needs? Do you want a one-stop solution for keeping your pond fish healthy and happy? If so, look no further than Tetra Pond Multi Mix - the all-in-one solution to nourish and energize your aquatic friends.

Say goodbye to the hassle of buying multiple products. Our 1Ltr Tetra Multi Mix Fish Food combines four specialized food types to cater to various species of pond fish. Whether you have energetic young fish, surface-loving swimmers, or bottom-dwelling friends, this premium mix has it all.

Tetra Pond Multi Mix is a complete food mix comprising four food types that meet the needs and eating habits of different species of pond fish. It contains high-quality flakes for young and small fish, floating sticks for fish that like to eat at the pond surface, sinking wafers for bottom-dwelling pond fish, and natural gammarus as tasty treats.

Tetra Pond Multi Mix is made with high-quality ingredients that are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. This means that your fish will get everything they need to grow, develop, and reproduce properly. Don't wait any longer, order yours today and give your pond fish the best possible nutrition!

Key Features:

  • Complete food mix for all types of pond fish
  • Made with natural ingredients 
  • High-quality flakes for young and small fish
  • Floating sticks for fish that like to eat at the pond surface
  • Sinking wafers for bottom-dwelling pond fish
  • Natural gammarus as tasty treats
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Easy to digest
  • Water-stable

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