1kw/2kw Cloverleaf Heater

Title: Cloverleaf 1kw Heater
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Struggling to maintain the temperature of your pond water? Do you need a reliable and efficient solution to keep your pond warm and cozy? Look no further than our 1kw/2kw Cloverleaf Heater! It is the perfect solution for keeping your pond water at a comfortable temperature all year round. With EU, TUV, and UL approval, you can trust in the safety and reliability of this high-quality heater.

Available in 1kw and 2kw models, the Cloverleaf Heater is designed to fit seamlessly into your pond setup. With identical fittings, threads, and hose sizes, you can easily interchange between the two models as needed. We recommend 1kw of power per 1000 gals (4450ltrs) of pond water for optimal heating.

For best results, install the heater at the end of the water and return to the pond, after any filters or sterilizers. It is designed to be pump-fed and will not work on a gravity return system. And with a maximum working pressure of 0.3mpa, you can be sure that this heater will stand up to the test of time. Order your Cloverleaf Heater today and enjoy comfortable pond water all year round.

Key Features:

  • Safety approved: EU, TUV & UL
  • Two models: 1kw/2kw for most ponds
  • Interchangeable fittings, threads, and hose sizes
  • Compact, easy to use, with included fittings
  • Connects to 1.5" or 3/4" to 1.5" pipes
  • Use largest pipe for sufficient pressure
  • Dial for temperature control
  • Built-in safety flow switch for low water flow or pump failure
  • Requires 4000 L/hour water flow
  • Max pressure: 0.3mp

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