4 " Large Sump Bottom Drain for Koi Ponds

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Tired of manually cleaning your koi fish pond every few days? Do you want to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your pond effortlessly? Our Large Sump Bottom Drain is designed to remove the pond and fish waste, helping to keep your pond clean and healthy.

The large sump 4" bottom drain is suitable for pond liners, fiberglass, and concrete ponds, and it fits 110mm (4") solvent weld pipe. It's a must-have for gravity-fed filter systems and can be used with filters like Bay Filter, Nexus, or Drum Filter systems. The installation of a bottom drain will help reduce any build-up of waste or debris on the base of your pond, keeping it and the inhabitants in the best possible condition.

Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and enjoy a clean and healthy pond with the 4" Bottom Drain 110mm Large Sump for Koi Ponds.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all pond types
  • Fits 110mm (4") solvent weld pipe
  • Essential for gravity-fed filter systems
  • Removes pond and fish waste
  • Helps keep your pond clean
  • Designed for installation at the pond's lowest point
  • Professional and efficient water supply to filter systems
  • Ideal for koi fish ponds
  • Prevents waste and debris buildup
  • Maintains the best pond conditions

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