Velda Floating Plant Island

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Size: 25cm
Shape: Square
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Do you have a pond that is too deep to plant marginal plants? Do you want to add a splash of color and interest to your pond surface? Transform your pond into a mesmerizing oasis with the Velda Floating Plant Island – the solution you've been looking for to elevate your aquatic haven!

The Velda Floating Plant Island is a linkable planting basket that allows you to create a beautiful and impressive island in your pond, even in the deepest areas.

The baskets are made from durable cloth and are equipped with a Styrofoam floating ring, so they will float effortlessly on the water surface. You can link the baskets together to create a single large island, or you can arrange them in different shapes and sizes to create a more unique look.

The Velda Floating Plant Island is perfect for planting a variety of aquatic plants, including water lilies, pickerelweed, and irises. You can also use it to plant flowers and other ornamental plants.

Enhance your pond's aesthetic, support aquatic life, and create a haven for your plants. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of magic to your pond. Get your Velda Floating Plant Island now and watch your pond come alive in ways you've never imagined!

Key Features:

  • Create islands of any size or shape
  • Plant in even the deepest ponds
  • Durable cloth construction
  • Provides stability and buoyancy
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Shades pond water and competes for nutrients
  • Provides shelter for fish and other aquatic life
  • Creates a safe haven
  • Adds beauty and interest to your pond
  • Creates a natural focal point
  • Simply remove plants for pruning or fertilizing

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