Oase Vitronic 24W Ultra Violet Clarifier

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Say goodbye to murky and green pond water with the Oase Vitronic 24W Ultra Violet Clarifier! It is a highly effective clarifier that eliminates suspended algae, harmful bacteria, and pathogens in ponds up to 25 m³. One of its new features is the ability to be mounted directly onto the BioSmart filter (sold separately) for even more efficient filtration. Its quick-release system makes bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass easy.

Built with high-quality materials and impact-resistant plastic housing, the Oase Vitronic 24W Ultra Violet Clarifier is designed to last. It includes a high-quality UVC bulb and comes with an extensive range of connection accessories for easy installation. Order the Oase Vitronic 24W Ultra Violet Clarifier today and enjoy crystal-clear water all season long.

Key Features:

  • For ponds up to 25 m³
  • Eliminates green water
  • Reduces harmful bacteria and pathogens
  • Visual UVC bulb function check
  • Quick bulb change and quartz glass cleaning
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing
  • Easy installation with connection accessories
  • Includes high-quality UVC bulb
  • Compatible with most filters

Specifications Vitronic 24W UVC:

  • Dimensions: Length 53cm x Width 18.6cm x Height 13cm
  • Rated voltage: 220 240 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 24W
  • Max. flow rate: 4500 l/h
  • Hose tail outlet size: 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½"
  • Suitable for ponds up to max: 25,000 liters
  • Suitable for ponds with fish: 12,500 liters
  • Suitable for ponds with koi: 6,500 liters

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