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Looking for a reliable, stylish, and effective way to remove surface debris, leaves, and pine needles from your pond? If you want a permanent solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing, the Oase BIOsys Skimmer+ Pond Surface Skimmer is the perfect choice for you.

This Skimmer is designed to be mounted directly at the edge of the pond, and it can be easily installed by joining the unit onto the pond liner. It offers exceptional efficiency in extracting and collecting surface litter, pine needles, pollen, and floating debris, allowing you to maintain an optimal pond environment with ease. 

With the skimmer's decorative stone cover, it seamlessly blends into your pond surroundings, providing a discreet and natural look. Additionally, cleaning is made convenient thanks to the easy removal of coarse debris, and the skimmer is designed for operation with AquaMax Eco in the integrated pump chamber. 

With powerful suction cleaning capabilities of up to 50 m², the Oase BIOsys Skimmer+ Pond Surface Skimmer is a reliable and efficient way to keep your pond's surface clean and clear. Invest in this innovative skimmer and enjoy a crystal-clear pond with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Permanent installation directly at the edge of the pond
  • Easy installation by joining the unit onto the pond liner
  • Convenient cleaning thanks to easy removal of the coarse debris
  • For operation with AquaMax Eco in an integrated pump chamber
  • Included in the scope of delivery: cover in natural rock look
  • Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 50 m²

Specifications BIOsys Skimmer:

  • Dimensions: Length 58cm x Width 40cm x Height 45cm
  • Possible water level difference: 100cm
  • Skimmer opening width: 22cm
  • Filter volume: 12 L
  • Pond surface: 50 m²
  • Min Pump capacity: 6000 l/h
  • Max Pump capacity: 16000 l/h

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