Eazypod UV Quartz Sleeve O-Ring

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Tired of constantly replacing the o-ring on your pond filter's built-in UVC unit? Look no further than the Eazypod UV Quartz Sleeve O-Ring! It is specifically designed as a replacement seal for the Eazypod range of pond filters that have a built-in UVC unit, including the CUV-118 model. 

Our UV Quartz Sleeve O-Ring is not only a cost-effective solution for your pond filter maintenance, but it is also incredibly easy to install. With a 59.09mm outer diameter, 53.09mm inner diameter, and 3mm thickness, it is the perfect fit for your CUV-118 model. Made from high-quality materials, this o-ring is built to last and will provide a secure seal to prevent leaks and keep your filter running smoothly.

Don't let a faulty o-ring disrupt your pond's filtration system. Purchase the Eazypod UV Quartz Sleeve O-Ring today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable replacement part for your pond filter's UVC unit.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Eazypod UVC filters
  • Genuine Evolution Aqua spare
  • Durable and reliable materials
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Prevents leaks and ensures proper filtration
  • Perfect fit for CUV-118 model
  • Cost-effective maintenance solution
  • 59.09mm OD, 53.09mm ID, 3mm thickness
  • Restores UVC unit function
  • Promotes clear and healthy pond water

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