Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve Pre Filter

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Tired of constantly cleaning your pond filter and dealing with unsightly debris in your pond? Look no further than the Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve! This innovative bow screen pre-filter is made using the latest rotational molding technology, ensuring the highest quality and performance on the market.

With the ability to be set up as a gravity-fed or pump-fed system, the Cetus Sieve efficiently and effectively removes large amounts of mechanical waste from your pond before it even reaches your filter system. Not only does this extend the period between filter cleanings, but it also improves the biological process by removing organic matter that would consume oxygen and release harmful compounds into your water.

The Cetus Sieve is compatible with all filtration systems, making it the perfect pre-filter for any biological filter including all pressured filters. And with its unique patented Pondflow regulation system, the Cetus Sieve allows water levels within your pond to drop without causing your pump to be starved of water.

Say goodbye to excessive backwashing and maintenance due to heavy solids, and hello to a crystal clear pond with the Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve!

Key Features:

  • Efficiently removes debris from pond
  • Versatile setup options
  • Easy self-adjusting installation
  • Compatible with all filtration systems
  • Extends time between other filter cleanings
  • Improves biological processes by removing organic matter
  • Patented Pondflow system for gravity-fed installation
  • Reduces backwashing and maintenance of pressured filters
  • Can be used for surface skimming
  • High-quality build and performance

Specifications Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve:

  • Dimensions: Length 94.5cm x Width 85cm x Height 57cm
  • Inlet: Gravity 11cm (4”) / Pump 5cm (1.5”)
  • Outlet: Gravity (1.5”) Pump (3”)
  • Outlet Waste: 3”
  • Screen: 300 micron / 200 micron / 100 micron
  • Max Flow Rate: 18000 ltr per hour

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