Is there anything better at lifting the ambience and atmosphere of a property than a well-designed and maintained body of water or water feature? We would be hard pushed to think of anything more splendid. Working with the design, construction and installation of water features, ponds and lakes is something we have been doing for 30 years. As a family-owned business with that level of experience, we believe that’s exactly what sets us apart from many of the larger organisations in the Warwick area.

With our team, you get the experience and skill you would expect of a professional firm, with the hands-on, customer-led approach of a small-scale team.

Water Features

Are you interested in adding something to an existing body of water in your garden or as an additional element of beauty and intrigue to your Warwick property? Water features are one of the easiest ways to add a splash of life, pardon the pun, to an otherwise plain and boring garden. We can assist in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of a wide variety of water features, from simple waterfalls to elaborate fountains and sculpture pieces. We believe in taking a customer-led approach and will always offer our expert advice, but to meet your specific preferences to get the water feature, you desire.


Ponds are often misconstrued as being simple holes that have been dug in the ground and either left to fill with rainfall or filled with buckets of water. While that is definitely part of the story, there is more to ponds than just that. They are complex bodies of water, often teeming with life, that requires the attention of pond experts if they are to thrive.

Therefore, if you require pond services handled by one of the best teams in Warwick, get in contact. We can take care of all pond management, including pond maintenance and pond cleaning, for you if your existing pond just needs some attention.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to have a new pond installed or the current one expanded, we offer a full pond renovation service that’s second to none.


When you think of a lake, do you imagine a natural source of water that can fully maintain itself, without any assistance whatsoever? Think again. If your Warwick property already has a lake on its grounds or you are interested in our lake building and lake construction, you need to appreciate that lakes, like any body of water, need to be looked after.

That is where our lake maintenance and lake management services come in. We will take care of everything from bank reshaping and dredging to fish stock maintenance and other essential work like fencing management and repair and draining.

As a customer-led company, Perfect Ponds and Koi as a team are here to help you with whatever you need. Please get in contact today if you would like a quote or have any questions we’ve not answered on the site. You can do so either by calling us on 01564 703018.