Welcome to Perfect Ponds and Koi, we are a family-run business that has more than 30 years’ worth of experience in dealing with the design and maintenance of all manner of cold water setups, from water features in gardens to ponds and lakes. We have an enviable reputation for delivering a professional, cost-efficient and reliable service across the various areas of work we cover.

Water Features

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of drama and a focal point to a body of water, whether it’s a small pond in your garden or a larger lake, is with a water feature.

If you are looking for water features for your Birmingham or Solihull garden or property, then speak to our team. We have the skills and the experience to design and build water features, including fountains and sculptures that will elevate the body of water in your garden or on your land.

When it comes to our designs, we are fully customer-led and will take your needs into account, from an aesthetics point of view, while ensuring it provides you with the perfect ambient sound and is easy for you to clean and maintain.


Our pond services are some of the best available in the Birmingham and Solihull area. This is where our real passion for our work lies and as pond experts, we are experienced in all aspects of pond management, pond cleaning and pond maintenance. We can also help with pond renovation and thanks to our time spent working in the industry, we have developed close ties with some of the top manufacturers in the business. As a result, we have access to a wide range of pond plants, liners, pumps and filters, along with fountains and other products and materials necessary for creating a beautiful and tranquil pond to your own specification.

We appreciate that there is a lot more to creating a special pond than digging a hole in the ground and filling it with water. Any pond design and build or pond renovation we undertake on your behalf will ensure you have a beautiful pond that is easy to maintain and clean, ensuring you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of it.


It’s not just the smaller-scale bodies of water we can help with here at Perfect Ponds and Koi. If you have a lake on your property, we can also help with a full range of services dedicated to lakes and pools.

Perhaps you are looking to have one designed for your Birmingham or Solihull property. Our team will take a professional approach to all aspects of lake construction and lake building. Once you have the large body of water of your dreams, or if you already have one in place, we can offer full lake management and lake maintenance services, so it is always in the best condition and enhances your property and the surrounding area, rather than detracting from it or devaluing it.

For more information in how we can help with either water features, pond services or lake management, please contact us on 01564 703018.