1-Inch Spindrifter Direct Air Kit

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Looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep your pond or water feature clean and clear? Look no further than the Spindrifter Direct Air Kit! It is an innovative kit that allows you to connect your air pump directly to the diffuser, eliminating the need for any airline to be threaded down the 1-inch pressure pipe. By doing so, it prevents stagnant water and blanketweed from forming and helps maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Designed to replace the standard bottom drain, the Spindrifter bottom drain is known for its exceptional quality and superior design. The extra connection in the sump of the drain accommodates the machined Direct Air Feed connector, which supplies air to the main diffuser stem. This enables the air supply hose to enter the sump independently of the water outlet pipe, eliminating any potential restriction to the water flow.

In addition, the Direct Air Kit prevents any back pressure, which can lead to premature failure of your air pump. So why wait? Upgrade your pond or water feature with the Spindrifter Direct Air Kit today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Direct air connection, no airline down 1" pressure pipe
  • No stagnant water or blanketweed with no water down
  • Exceptional quality and design Spindrifter bottom drain
  • Completely replaces the standard bottom drain
  • Machined Direct Air Feed connector supplies air to diffuser
  • Hose enters sump independently of water outlet pipe
  • Eliminates possibility of blanketweed attaching
  • Easy installation with Direct Air Feed glued onto pipe
  • Prevents premature air pump failure by avoiding back pressure
  • Compatible with 1" pressure pipe, 33.4mm diameter

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