QuickSeam Splice Tape For Liner Joining 1m x 75mm

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Is your pond liner leaking? Do you need a way to join two pieces of pond liner together that is strong, durable, and watertight? Say goodbye to pond liner problems and say hello to QuickSeam Splice Tape! It is the strongest, most durable way to join pond liners!

QuickSeam Splice Tape is a 75mm (3") wide flexible tape that is specifically designed for joining Firestone EPDM and GreenSeal EPDM pond liners. It is made from a high-performance adhesive that creates a watertight seal that is stronger than the liner itself.

QuickSeam Splice Tape is also incredibly easy to use. Simply clean and prime the mating surfaces with QuickPrime Plus Primer, and then apply the tape. The tape will adhere to the liner immediately, and you can start filling your pond with water right away.

QuickSeam Splice Tape makes liner joining a breeze. No more leaks, no more worries – just a beautiful, reliable pond. Get yours now and transform your water feature into a true masterpiece!

Key Features:

  • Creates a watertight seal that is stronger than the liner itself
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and conforms to uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for use with Firestone EPDM and GreenSeal EPDM pond liners
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to water, chemicals, and UV rays
  • Wide temperature range for use in all climates
  • Ideal for repairing leaks and joining two pieces of liner together

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