QuickPrime Plus Tin EPDM Primer 250ml

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Is your EPDM pond liner looking dirty and weathered? Do you need to prepare it for the application of seam tape or cover tape? If so, Firestone QuickPrime Plus EPDM Primer is the perfect solution for you. It is your key to achieving a flawless liner. It's meticulously designed to cleanse and prime your EPDM liner, making it ideal for use with seam tape or cover tape.

QuickPrime Plus is a powerful cleaning and priming agent that is specifically designed for EPDM pond liners. It removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the liner surface, leaving it clean and prepared for the application of other products. QuickPrime Plus also helps to improve the adhesion of seam tape and cover tape, ensuring a strong and durable seal.

Say goodbye to worries about leaks and liner issues and say hello to a pond that's built to last. With QuickPrime Plus Tin EPDM Primer, you're not just priming your liner; you're priming your peace of mind. Don't wait – make your pond project a success with this essential tool today!

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for EPDM pond liners
  • Removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the liner surface
  • Improves the adhesion of seam tape and cover tape
  • Creates a strong and durable seal
  • Easy to use - simply apply to the liner surface with a brush or roller
  • Fast-drying - dries within 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Safe for use around fish and plants

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