Oase SwimSkim 50 Floating Pond Skimmer

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Tired of constantly having to clean your pond's surface from floating debris? Do you want to improve your pond's water quality with minimal effort? The Oase SwimSkim 50 Floating Pond Skimmer is the perfect solution. With a powerful surface skimmer and an integrated injector that enriches your pond with oxygen, you can achieve a crystal-clear surface effortlessly.

The SwimSkim Floating Skimmer is designed for pond surfaces of up to 50m², and its energy-efficient 3,500 liters per hour pump is capable of drawing leaves and other floating debris into the central basket. The basket is easily removable and features a sponge filter that not only intercepts smaller particles but also provides a surface area for biological cultures that improve water quality.

With its automatic adaptation to any water level and the ability to prevent ice from covering your pond surface in the winter, the skimmer is the perfect addition to any pond. Get ready for a crystal clear and healthy pond with the Swimskim 50 CWS Floating Pond Skimmer.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for pond surfaces up to 50m²
  • Collects floating debris with strong suction power
  • Removable collection basket with easy cleaning
  • Integrated oxygen injector for crystal clear surface
  • Sponge filter for improved water quality
  • Prevents ice from covering the pond in winter
  • Automatic adaptation to water levels
  • Powerful cleaning of pond surfaces
  • Whirlpool function to avoid sedimentation
  • Energy-saving Eco motor technology

Specifications SwimSkim 50:

  • Dimensions: Length 45cm x Width 40cm x Height  39cm
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 45
  • Cable length: 10 meters
  • Pump Flow rate: 3500 liters per hour
  • Aerator rate: 600 liters per hour
  • Suitable for pond surface area: 50 m² max.

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