Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Filter Pump

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Looking for an efficient and economical solution to elevate your pond experience? The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Filter Pump is the ultimate choice for pond enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance and eco-friendly benefits. Revolutionize your water feature with this advanced pump that boasts unparalleled efficiency across all six models (5000–21000), ensuring optimal water circulation and clarity.

Transform your pond into a crystal-clear oasis with the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Filter Pump! It is an innovative pump that boasts superior energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and smart control capabilities, making it the ideal choice for eco-conscious pond owners.

The AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Filter Pump adapts to your needs with seasonal flow control, ensuring optimal performance year-round. Its versatility allows for dry or submerged placement, while its ability to handle large solids keeps your pond free of debris. Frost-proof and app-compatible, this pump offers the ultimate in convenience and reliability.

Upgrade your pond ecosystem with the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Filter Pump - the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and tranquility.

Key Features:

  • Improved efficiency across all models
  • Lower power consumption year-round
  • Quieter operation for a peaceful garden
  • Reliable protection against blockages and dry running
  • OASE Control interface for digital monitoring
  • Seasonal Flow Control for efficiency
  • Frost-proof down to -20°C
  • App-compatible with OASE Control app
  • Versatile placement in dry or submerged conditions
  • Large solids handling up to 11 mm

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