Burtons Large 3 Tier Plastic Shower 1 Metre

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Tired of constantly battling with poor water quality in your pond, leading to unhealthy and unhappy fish? The Burtons Big 3-Tier Plastic Shower is the best option for all of your pond filtering needs. This shower filter system draws water from your pond or current filter system, distributes it across three tiers of media, and then returns the water to the pond. It was inspired by Japanese koi breeders and their successful usage of Koi pond filtration. This process effectively dispels harmful gasses and increases dissolved oxygen content, leading to a healthier and happier pond environment for your fish.

Made with the highest quality materials and designed to UK standards, the Burtons Large Plastic Shower measures an impressive 1 meter in width and height and 33cm in depth, providing ample space for your chosen media. Whether you need a standalone biological filter or an additional filter to accommodate higher stocking density or feeding rates, this shower filter has got you covered.

So why settle for subpar pond filtration when you can give your fish the best with the Burtons Large 3-Tier Plastic Shower? Order yours today and watch your pond thrive like never before!

Key Features:

  • 3 tiers for better filtration and oxygen
  • Designed for a 2" spray bar (not included)
  • Japanese-inspired for optimal results
  • Dispels harmful gasses with media
  • Standalone or additional filter
  • Handles high-density or feeding
  • 1m width/height, 33cm depth
  • Affordable high-quality filter
  • Customize with your own media
  • UK designed & manufactured


  • Dimensions: Length 100cm x Width 33cm x Height 100cm
  • Max flow rate: 25000lph
  • Media Capacity: 50kg

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