Omosako Shiro Utsuri 28cm (Japanese Koi)

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A beautiful Shiro Utsuri from the reknown Japanese breeder, Omosako. This is a really stunning Nishikigoi! This beautiful Koi is constantly developing and the sumi improving by the day - get in touch for updated photos/videos! Omosako is a premier Koi breeder and known by most to be the masters of the Shiro Utsuri variety. Although in the recent years, their incredible Kujaku and Goshiki are also turning many heads and up there amongst the best. Stunning skin quality and a potential for incredible growth and body development is clearly evident with these fine Shiro's. Shipping is available!

Breeder: Omosako Koi Farm. Hiroshima, Japan.
Size: +-28cm
Sex: Unknown
Quarantined and ready to be sold!
Shipping available

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