Sakazume Platinum Ogon 40+cm (Japanese Koi)

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The clean, striking appearance of the Platinum Ogon makes them a highly desired variety of Nishikigoi. The Platinum Ogon, also known as Purachina Ogon in Japan, is well known for the bright, snowy coloured body with a stunning metallic sheen. Sakazume Koi Farm are reknown for their stunning Aigoromo, but they do also produce very high quality examples of other varieties. Having established themselves in the 60's, Sakzume had decades of experience and sit as a well-respected breeder of beautiful Koi. These fish have just been reduced in price - this is an absolute steal for such amazing quality fish!

Age: Nisai
Breeder: Sakazume Koi Farm, Japan.
Size: 40+cm
Sex: Unknown
Quarantined and ready to be sold!
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