Marusei/Hirasawa Chagoi mix 15-20cm (Japanese Koi)

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Marusei Koi Farm is one of the largest Koi farms in Niigata. They boast over 200 mud ponds and their impressive expansion means they can specialise in many varieties. Marusei Koi Farm is ran by the incredibly knowledgable Yoshiyuki Hirasawa, who took over the running of the farm from his late father and Marusei founder Seitaro Hirasawa. Well known for producing Nishikigoi with immense body shapes, growth potential and oustanding skin quality. Check out social media videos, this Chagoi mix, which also contains kigoi and karashigoi, are super friendly and tame, feeding out of our hands in the shop. Everyone needs a friendly Koi in their pond!

Breeder: Marusei Koi Farm, Nagaoka, Japan.
Size: 15-20cm
Sex: Unknown
Quarantined and ready to be sold!
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