Oase IceFree 4 Seasons Floating Fountain Pump

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Have you ever worried about your pond freezing over completely in the winter, and the harmful effects it could have on your aquatic plants and animals? Look no further than the Oase IceFree 4 Seasons Floating Fountain Pump! It offers peace of mind all year round.

Not only does this impressive and unique product keep an area of your pond free from ice in temperatures as low as -20°C, but it also ensures the critical gas exchange of Carbon Dioxide from the pond. This allows for safe overwintering of your flora and fauna, maintaining warm temperature zones on the floor, and preventing harmful fermentation gases from escaping.

The Oase IceFree Floating Fountain Pump is also energy-efficient, using only 5 watts of power to create different fountain patterns and provide oxygen to your pond. With no additional heating element required, this pump technology is extremely cost-effective and easy to maintain.

In the summer months, you can even use the Oase IceFree 4 Seasons Floating Fountain Pump as a beautiful water feature. So why wait? Get this today and ensure the safety and health of your pond all year round!

Key Features:

  • Year-round use for worry-free pond maintenance
  • Prevents freezing up to 0.8m
  • Enables critical gas exchange for healthy flora and fauna
  • Low power consumption (only 5 watts)
  • Two fountain head options for varied aesthetics
  • Requires a minimum pond depth of 0.8m
  • 10m of cable for convenient installation
  • Safe overwintering for plants and animals
  • Maintains warm temperature zones on the pond floor
  • Energy-efficient technology without additional heating
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Dimensions: Length - 20cm x Width - 16cm x Height - 18cm
  • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 5w
  • Max flow rate: 7 L/minute
  • Submersible installation only

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