Hozelock Vorton UV Clarifier

Size: 11w
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Looking for an effective solution to combat algae in your garden pond? The Hozelock Vorton UVC is the answer you've been searching for. It is designed to provide the optimum UVC power for ponds up to 18,500 litres.

With its unique Vorton design, this product tubulates water flow and maximizes the elimination of algae. The quick-release case and integrated micro switch make it easy and safe to maintain the UV lamp.

Constructed with high UV transmission quartz glass and a flexible connection with stepped inlet/outlet hose fittings, this  Hozelock Vorton UVC is both durable and user-friendly. And with its weatherproof electrical housing and 5m cable, you can trust that it will withstand the elements and last for years to come.

Upgrade your pond's filtration system today with the Hozelock Vorton UVC and enjoy a crystal-clear pond that will make your neighbors green with envy! 

Key Features:

  • Optimum UVC power for up to 18,500L ponds
  • PLL UV lamp maximizes algae elimination
  • Unique Vorton design circulates water flow
  • The quick-release case for easy lamp maintenance
  • High UV transmission quartz glass
  • Flexible inlet/outlet hose fittings
  • Weatherproof electrical housing
  • 5m cable for convenient placement
  • Safe and user-friendly maintenance
  • Crystal-clear pond water

Specifications Hozelock Vorton 11W UVC:

  • Dimensions: Length 34cm x Width 14cm x Height 13cm
  • Voltage: 230v/50Hz
  • UVC power: 11w (single-ended)
  • Power cable length: 5m
  • Recommended flow-rate: 2,000lph (440gph)
  • Maximum pond size: 4,000 liters (880 gallons)
  • Inlet/outlet size: 20-40mm

Specifications Hozelock Vorton 18W UVC:

  • Dimensions: Length 34cm x Width 14cm x Height 13cm
  • Voltage: 230v/50Hz
  • UVC power: 18w (single-ended)
  • Power cable length: 5m
  • Recommended flow-rate: 3,000lph (660gph)
  • Maximum pond size: 6,000 liters (1,200 gallons)
  • Inlet/outlet size: 20-40mm

Specifications Hozelock Vorton 36W UVC:

  • Dimensions: Length 52cm x Width 14cm x Height 13cm
  • Voltage: 230v/50Hz
  • UVC power: 36w (single-ended)
  • Power cable length: 5m
  • Recommended flow-rate: 6,000lph (1,320gph)
  • Maximum pond size: 12,000 liters (2,640 gallons)
  • Inlet/outlet size: 20-40mm

Specifications Hozelock Vorton 55W UVC:

  • Dimensions: Length 62cm x Width 14cm x Height 13cm
  • Voltage: 230v/50Hz
  • UVC power: 55w (single-ended)
  • Power cable length: 5m
  • Recommended flow-rate: 9,250lph (2,035gph)
  • Maximum pond size: 18,500 liters (4,070 gallons)
  • Inlet/outlet size: 20-40mm

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