Gold Label Pond Liner Patch

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Dealing with pesky leaks in your pond liner? Introducing our Gold Label Pond Liner Patch - the ultimate solution to your problem. Crafted with top-grade materials, this patch guarantees long-lasting durability and reliability.

With its user-friendly design, even beginners can easily apply this patch. Whether your pond liner is made of rubber or PVC, our Gold Label Pond Liner Patch is suitable for both materials, making it a versatile choice for any pond owner.

Say goodbye to expensive repairs and time-consuming replacements. Our Gold Label Pond Liner Patch offers a cost-effective solution, saving you both time and money. Simply apply the patch using a suitable adhesive sealant, and watch as it creates a tight, secure bond that withstands the test of time.

Don't settle for subpar patches that fail to deliver. Upgrade to our Gold Label Pond Liner Patch and enjoy a leak-free pond experience like never before!

Key Features:

  • Top-grade quality for reliable repairs
  • Easy-to-use patch for hassle-free application
  • Suitable for both rubber and PVC pond liners
  • Requires appropriate adhesive sealant for secure bonding
  • Durable and long-lasting solution
  • Designed specifically for pond liner repairs
  • Resistant to water and UV damage
  • Provides a watertight seal for leak prevention
  • Versatile for various pond sizes and shapes
  • Professional-grade choice for pond maintenance

How To Use:

  • Clean area to be repaired
  • Cut patch to size 
  • Shape patch to circle or oval shape 
  • Using gold label pond & aquarium sealer, run a continous bead 5mm to edge & another bead 20mm inside of that
  • Press gently onto original liner

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