G4 Concrete Pond Sealer

Colour: Clear
Size: 500g
Sale price£15.99


Constantly dealing with leaks in your concrete pond? Look no further than G4 Concrete Pond Sealer! Our moisture-cured polyurethane formula forms a non-porous seal that will keep your pond watertight for years to come.

Unlike other sealers, G4 Pond Sealer uses the moisture in the air and the render to harden, allowing it to be applied to slightly damp surfaces. It's crucial that the render is sufficiently dry to be porous to enable the first coat of the G4 Pond Sealer to bond and obtain a mechanical grip. Even in poor weather conditions, high humidity, and temperatures down to zero degrees, G4 Pond Sealer can be applied with confidence.

Our innovative formula has been specially designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for concrete-rendered ponds. Say goodbye to frustrating leaks and hello to a beautifully sealed pond with G4 Concrete Pond Sealer.

Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pond is protected with G4 Pond Sealer.

Key Features:

  • Non-porous seal for concrete ponds
  • Moisture-cured polyurethane formula
  • Uses air moisture and render to harden
  • Can apply to slightly damp surfaces
  • Requires porous render for 1st coat to bond
  • Provides mechanical grip
  • Applies in poor weather and high humidity
  • Works in temperatures as low as zero
  • Long-lasting pond protection
  • Reliable and easy to use

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