Flexible Heavy Duty Smooth Pond Hose (Solvent Weld)

Size: 1" / 25mm
Sale price£3.66


Dealing with rigid and inflexible pond hoses that limit your options? Our Flexible Heavy Duty Smooth Pond Hose is here to solve all your pond-related challenges. Made from durable PVC and reinforced with a solid PVC spiral, this versatile suction hose offers exceptional flexibility without compromising strength. It can also be used as a pressure hose, making it perfect for connecting to our top-of-the-line pond pumps and domestic waterworks.

With its high-performance capabilities, this hose is a game-changer in various scenarios. Whether you need to drain your cellar, lower groundwater levels, tackle water-related emergencies on ships, or combat unexpected flooding, this Flexible Heavy Duty Smooth Pond Hose is your reliable partner. It even excels at pond cleaning, ensuring your aquatic paradise remains pristine.

Operating smoothly between temperatures of -5°C and +65°C, this Heavy Duty Smooth Pond Hose adapts to diverse environments. Its slightly ribbed surface provides a secure grip for hassle-free handling.

Upgrade to our Flexible Heavy Duty Smooth Pond Hose today and experience the ultimate solution for all your pond-related needs.

Key Features:

  • Flexible PVC hose reinforced with solid PVC spiral
  • Use as suction or pressure hose, perfect for pond pumps
  • Lead and cadmium-free for safety
  • Excellent UV resistance for long-lasting performance
  • Prevents microbial growth
  • Resistant to hydrolysis
  • Temperature range: -5°C to +65°C
  • Slightly ribbed surface for a secure grip
  • Durable and reliable for your pond needs

******Please make sure you have ordered the correct length******

******No refunds provided as this is cut to size******

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