Evolution Aqua Evo UV O Rings Spare Part Bag For 30/55w

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Is your Evolution Aqua Evo UV Sterilizer not running as smoothly as it should? Do you notice any leaks or drips? If so, it may be time to replace the O-rings. Evolution Aqua Evo UV O Rings are essential for creating a watertight seal in your UV sterilizer. They are made from a soft, flexible material that can withstand the pressure of the water and the heat of the UV lamp. Over time, O-rings can become worn and cracked, which can lead to leaks and reduced performance.

The Evolution Aqua Evo UV O Rings contain all the O-rings you need to replace the worn and cracked O-rings in your Evolution Aqua Evo UV Sterilizer. The O-rings are made from a high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear. They are also easy to install, so you can get your UV sterilizer back up and running quickly and easily.

Say goodbye to UV sterilizer headaches and hello to a trouble-free, algae-free pond. Get your Evolution Aqua Evo UV O Ring today and keep your pond at its sparkling best!

Key Features:

  • Genuine Evolution Aqua spare parts
  • Easy to install
  • Ensures a watertight seal
  • Prevents leaks
  • Keeps pond water clean and healthy
  • Extends the life of your Evolution Aqua Evo UV
  • Affordable and accessible

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