Evolution Aqua K+Advanced Micro Bead Filter

Size: 20"
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Frustrated with the constant maintenance required to keep your large pond's water quality healthy and clear? The Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Micro Bead Filter is here to revolutionize your pond's filtration system! It utilizes advanced bead filter technology and patented K+Media to create an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive and effectively break down harmful toxins like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

Say goodbye to murky, unhealthy pond water and hello to crystal-clear water that will leave your aquatic life thriving! This K+Advanced Micro Bead Filter requires minimal maintenance and is incredibly easy to use with its handle of the manifold system and supplied air blower. 

Cleaning the filter is a breeze thanks to the handle of the manifold system and included air blower. Simply agitate the media and pump wastewater to your garden or drainage system. The filter is available in four sizes to suit ponds of up to 91,000 liters and can be used as a standalone filter or added to an existing setup.

Upgrade your pond's filtration system today and enjoy a healthier, more beautiful aquatic environment with the Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Micro Bead Filter! Say goodbye to murky water and hello to happy, thriving fish and plants!

Key Features:

  • UK designed and built
  • Uses K+ Evolution Aqua media
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Superior water quality with an advanced pressure filter
  • Breaks down harmful toxins for healthier water
  • Easy maintenance with handle & air blower
  • Quick & efficient filtration for large bodies of water
  • Suitable for ponds up to 91,000 liters
  • Can be standalone or added to existing setup
  • Creates a thriving aquatic ecosystem
  • Upgrade your pond's filtration for a happier environment
  • Enjoy a crystal-clear pond with less maintenance

Model K+AdvancedFilter20 Specification:

  • Diameter: 20" (500mm)
  • Maximum Pond Size: 18,000 Litres / 4,000 Gallons
  • Optimum Flow Rate: 6,000 LPH 1,320 GPH
  • Volume Of K+Advanced Media: 50 Litres
  • Pipework Size: 1.5" pressure pipe

Model K+AdvancedFilter24 Specification:

  • Diameter: 24" (620mm)
  • Maximum Pond Size: 36,000 Litres / 8,000 Gallons
  • Optimum Flow Rate: 12,000 LPH 2,640 GPH
  • Volume Of K+Advanced Media: 100 Litres
  • Pipework Size: 2" pressure pipe

Model K+AdvancedFilter30 Specification:

  • Diameter: 30" (750mm)
  • Maximum Pond Size: 54,500 Litres / 12,000 Gallons
  • Optimum Flow Rate: 18,000 LPH 3,960 GPH
  • Volume Of K+Advanced Media: 150 Litres
  • Pipework Size: 2" pressure pipe

Model K+AdvancedFilter36 Specification:

  • Diameter: 36" (900mm)
  • Maximum Pond Size: 91,000 Litres / 20,000 Gallons
  • Optimum Flow Rate: 30,000 LPH 6,600 GPH
  • Volume Of K+Advanced Media: 250 Litres
  • Pipework Size: 2" pressure pipe

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