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Tired of constantly battling murky water and struggling to maintain a healthy environment in your pond? Look no further than the Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod! It is the ultimate solution for ponds of up to 10,000 liters.

Designed as a smaller version of the game-changing Evolution Aqua Nexus filter, the Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod offers superior filtration capabilities without taking up too much space. With the ability to be configured as a gravity-fed or pump-fed system, it's a versatile option that can be tailored to your specific needs.

But what truly sets the Eazy Pod apart is its use of K1 micro media as a static filter media. This innovative technology ensures that water passes through the settlement chamber on the outside of the filter, then through the inner Eazy clear-style center. This dual filtration process effectively traps even the finest particles and ensures that your pond water remains crystal clear and healthy for your aquatic pets.

Say goodbye to the constant hassle of pond maintenance and invest in the Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod today. 

Key Features:

  • Pump-fed or gravity Koi & fish pond filter
  • Cleaning without getting hands dirty
  • Suitable for ponds of up to 10,000 liters
  • Can be gravity or pump fed, with a simple setup
  • Uses innovative K1 micro media for static filtration
  • Traps fine particles for crystal clear water
  • Biologically filters for a healthy pond environment
  • Takes up minimal space in pond or filter system
  • Low maintenance design for easy upkeep
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Compatible with a wide range of pond equipment
  • Hassle-free integration into the existing system

Specifications Aqua Eazy Pod:

  • Max pond capacity: 10,000 liters / 2200 gallon
  • Max feeding rate: 100-125g
  • Volume of water held in the filter: 18 liters / 80 gallon
  • Recommended flow rate: 5000 liters / 1100 gallon
  • Recommended air pump min:70 lpm

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