Do you have an existing body of water like a pond or lake or maybe even a water feature on your Stratford Upon Avon property that needs some attention? Maybe you are looking to have one or more of these additions installed on your grounds to increase the resale value or simply to give it a better look and feel.

Whatever you are looking for, if it concerns ponds, lakes, water features and landscapes, you should consider working with our team here at Perfect Ponds and Koi. We offer the distinct advantage of not only being a highly skilled and experienced firm that has been in the business for more than 30 years but is also family-run and therefore places a great emphasis on being customer-focused in all our work.

Take a look at some of the key services we offer to all Stratford Upon Residents, like yourself.

Water Features

There’s no doubt about it, whether small or large, water features are an almost instantaneous way to give your Stratford Upon Avon property and garden something that makes it stand out. Perhaps you are interested in creating a little, tranquil spot tucked away somewhere out of sight, where you can escape to gather your thoughts, or you want a splendid and almost outlandish focal point in a wide-open space. Whatever you’re after, we can help.

Given our customer-led approach to our business, we will work hard to design and build, install the water feature you’ve always dreamed of having. We will also ensure that it not only operates perfectly and looks amazing but delivers the right sound ambience too.


Ponds can be a great addition to any property. That is when they are properly designed, installed and maintained. Does your Stratford Upon Avon property benefit from the advantages of a pond? Perhaps there is a pond there, somewhere, but one that is badly in need of the attention of pond experts such as us.

Whether you are looking for pond maintenance and pond cleaning service or comprehensive pond management, we can help. Likewise, if you are looking to start from scratch or need a pond renovation to refresh your property, we have the skills and experience at our disposal to help.

We also have access to the very best quality products, thanks to our business relationships with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the business.


Lake management and maintenance is not something that everyone thinks about, unless you are a local council department or in charge of a country park. However, any body of water needs some help and assistance, as natural and self-sufficient as it may be. Have you recently bought a Stratford Upon Avon property that boasts a lake? Perhaps you have had a lake for some time, but are finding it hard to maintain or you are looking to install one? At Perfect Ponds and Koi, lakes and ponds are very much the bread and butter of our business, so we will happily offer our expertise whether you are interested in lake construction and lake building or lake maintenance.

To get a quote or find out more information, get in contact with us today on 01564 703018.